2019 Annual Conference

2019 MISA Annual Conference Agenda
2019 MISA Speaker Line Up


Motivational Speaker: Never Giving Up!
Kriste Kibbey Etue, retired Colonel of the Michigan State Police (MSP) has 32 years of law enforcement and public safety experience. Appointed to the cabinet-level position of Director of the MSP by Governor Rick Snyder on January 9, 2011, retiring from state service in December 2018. She was the 18th Director in the 100 year history and was the department’s first female Director.  Etue served as State Director of Emergency Management and Michigan’s Homeland Security, as well as a direct advisor to the Governor.
In her 32 year career with the MSP, Etue provided leadership and executive direction with training, law enforcement standards, homeland security planning and programs, experience with budget forecasting, budget development, strategic planning, public affairs, government relations, facility management, and Human Resources. She has appeared on numerous television, radio shows and is published in national publications. Col. Etue (ret.) has presented on a variety of law enforcement and leadership subject matters around the globe.
A lifelong resident of Michigan, Etue has two adult children and three beautiful grandchildren.
Presentation: Power BI & Access Management Controls
Synopsis: With great power comes great responsibility. That is, unless no one's looking - right? Well, not really, no. While Power BI offers great flexibility and agility we all have the responsibility of protecting our data in accordance to Department of Technology Management and Budget policies and while some policies are followed inherently; others, like access management, are not.
In this presentation we will put the Genie back in the bottle and still get our wishes by exploring ways to apply formal access controls while maintaining Power BI's flexibility.
Daniel Matson is an ITIL certified Enterprise Architect with more than 18 years (11 of which have been with the State of Michigan) experience in developing and managing enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence programs. He is currently working for DTMB Agency Services for DNR, EGLE, and MDARD on their Data Integration & Analytics Services program supporting data integration, data warehousing, and analytics using Power BI.
 Presentation: Cyber Security
Synopsis: Jeff Hoffman
Presentation: Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP) Unit Basic Overview
Krystal Howard is currently the Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP) Unit Digital Image Supervisor with the Michigan State Police (MSP).  She began her career with the MSP in May 2011.  Within the MSP, Krystal previously worked in the Field Services Bureau, before promoting into the Biometrics and Identification Division in 2013.  She is currently responsible for the SNAP database and the Digital Crime Scene Repository database.  She is a trained Digital Image Examiner, conducting morphological comparisons to aid with investigations statewide. Additionally, she is a current member and the Secretary for the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG).
Presentation: eSignature
Presentation Abstract:  What issues should your organization consider when looking to use eSignature?  This presentation will address the legal, financial, and technology aspects of using eSignature.  In particular, the presentation will cover identity management, signer authentication, signing processes, and the long term retention of documents.  In addition, the presentation will help organizations calculate if using eSignature will cost more money or will save money? 

Richard DeMello has 20 years of private sector IT experience in software development, support, management and consulting.  Since joining the State of Michigan in 2006 Richard has worked in Agency Services supporting multiple agencies, and the Center for Shared Solutions launching the enterprise FileNet and RightFAX offerings as the Service Manager.  Richard is currently working for Records Management Services on the Enterprise eSignature solution and other special projects. 
Presentation: Accessibility in CommunicationsSynopsis: Effective communication with citizens, tourists, and business owners takes multiple approaches. How do you do that and maintain ADA & 504/508 compliance? As a government employee, what are your responsibilities? Tips and tricks for regular communications and what to do in emergencies. Also, a quick discussion of WCAG compliance and how that applies to communications.
John Estill is currently a Content Management Expert for the Michigan.gov website. John has worked on websites since the mid-90’s. Today, he is responsible for training State employees to post content on websites and social media, and create email that meets accessibility requirements. Working with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), he helped develop the training plan for the Voluntary Resolution Agreement with the federal MDE-OCR. John also provided input on the revised version of the soon to be approved State of Michigan policy regarding accessibility.
Presentation: What is DevSecOps?
Synopsis: DevSecOps is revolutionizing software delivery by removing the barriers between development and operations. It combines culture, practice and tools to allow an organization to deliver valuable software at a significantly faster pace than traditional practices. This discussion will define what DevSecOps is, how DevSecOps works, the benefits of using DevSecOps, and how DevSecOps measures performance in terms of delivery of value.

Delane Roberts is a Senior Program Manager Project Manager and Agile Coach. He has led major Agile programs and projects for Fortune 500 companies and government entities. He has managed information technology initiatives, scientific research programs, and organizational change management programs. He is highly experienced in the health-care, insurance, financial services, state and federal government, and IT services.


 Presentation: Development & Demos - Adventures in Agile Software Development
Synopsis: Remarkable similarities exist between Dungeons & Dragons and Agile Software Development, we'll explore the commonalities and differences and discuss how each can inform and improve the other. 

Ira Sanborn is a Senior Full Stack Developer / Associate. He has been programming since the 90's, when QBASIC came preinstalled on his 286 DOS PC he was hooked.  He's been in and around the edge of software development ever since. Nowadays his hobbies include woodworking, being a father, tinkering with electronics, and tabletop gaming. Ira is a senior fullstack developer at Kunz, Leigh & Associates, in Okemos, Michigan.
Presentation: Executive Update
Eric Swanson is the Deputy Director for the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget. Eric Swanson is a seasoned executive with a unique blend of skills in leadership, strategic planning, and collaboration.   Eric began his career as a student intern, where he has steadily built the Center for Shared Solutions, the organization he now directs.  One of the first of its kind, the Center was launched in 2008, to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art, shared solutions to all State of Michigan Agencies and external partnership programs.
Throughout his career, Eric has repeatedly undertook sensitive and controversial challenge. He has been instrumental in building trust within traditionally disparate groups leading projects to successful implementations.  These initiatives includes multiple Redistricting Cycles, Next Generation 9-1-1 GIS Project and Statewide Aerial Imagery Program.
Within Michigan and nationally, Eric is known for his innovative leadership in facilitating collaboration among local, state and multi-state to develop cross-boundary solutions.  In 2010, Eric was recognized by Government Technology Magazine as a Top 25 Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers for his collaborative vision and entrepreneurial approach. 
Eric continues to play a critical role in establishing an enterprise-level service where innovative technologies are coordinated, developed, governed, and delivered as part of a business model.  This citizen centric approach cross-cuts traditional organizational and technological boundaries - improving efficiency, promoting transparency, and providing value to Michigan’s citizens.
Presentation: CARS – A System of the Future for the Secretary of State
Jackie Venton during the past five years at the State of Michigan (and my previous career in manufacturing), I have held positions in Quality Management, Process Improvement Consulting, Project Management, etc.  In my current role at the State of Michigan, I am the project manager for the upgrade of the current legacy infrastructure (BOS) to a web-based software for all Secretary of State branches (CARS).  This is a very exciting time for MDOS as this is a much needed upgrade that will both streamline functionality and improve customer service.  I have a true passion for improving the customer experience so I feel very blessed to be part of a project that impacts all State of Michigan residents. 
Presentation: Blazing Kanban Pizza
William LaRue was labelled as disruptive in the first grade, Bill has leveraged that aspect of his personality to become involved with corporate change for over 25 years. Bill’s list of clients reads like a Who’s Who of businesses in Michigan and the Midwest. Specializing in technical clients, he has a long track record in the Automotive Engineering industry, serving clients such as GM and Chrysler Powertrain divisions, Magna, Freudenberg, Mercedes Benz, Delphi and Denso, leading them in their adoption of new ways of approaching their business and technical problems. Bill has led a variety of such efforts in areas such as ISO9001, TS16949, CMMI, RAD Engineering, and Collaborative Project Management.  More recently, Bill has become a thought leader in the adoption of Agile Methods, guiding multiple clients in their switch to Scrum, Test Driven Design, and DevOps.

He currently serves as a Scrum Coach and Project Manager for DTMB Agency Services for MSP and DMVA, acting as a consultant for their JIRA implementation and CMMI efforts. Bill is a participating Member of the Mid-Michigan Agile Group, and serves as a faculty member for their Agile Coach Retreat series.

When not at the office, Bill enjoys Classical, Barbershop, and Baroque choral singing, fly fishing, and acting as a slave to two geriatric pets, Mickey
Lee Mouse and Ozziebelle.

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